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a black shamrocks mc (australia) novel

A loyal sergeant. His broken duchess. The dead man. A duplicity of fatal consequence. 

For Ezekiel “Venom” Miles, only two things in this world matter.

Lilianna Mayberry and the Black Shamrocks MC.

His woman and his club.

At least, that’s what he told himself.

The truth is a lot less flattering.

Venom’s pride has always mattered most. 

Abandoned by his mother, indulged by the Shamrocks’ old ladies, and raised by his godfather to embrace his darker tendencies, Venom’s need to be top dog is paramount. He’s determined to prove that he’s the best man for Lily. He will show the doubters that he is the only logical candidate to step up as president of the Black Shamrocks.

It would’ve been easy, if only he wasn’t set up from the start to fail.

And fail… he did.


Nowadays, he has no club and no Lily… and no hope of returning to either in the foreseeable future. Until a surprise encounter reunites him with the woman he willingly deserted and Venom discovers that his pride has made a bigger mess of things than he ever thought possible.

Absence hasn’t made Lily’s heart grow fonder. Sure, passion still burns bright between them, but half of her heart now belongs to another man.

Determined to reclaim everything stolen from him, will Venom finally humble himself at the altar of love and imperfection? Or will his pride cause him to lose everything permanently this time?

This story is part one of the final book in the Duplicity trilogy. Belonging to Bella Faust’s Black Shamrocks MC (Australia) series, this dark, psychological romance is a steamy and taboo tale filled with angst, betrayal, and lust set within a love triangle destined to ally the Australian underworld… if only Slash, Lily, and Lazarus would stop keeping secrets from each other.

The first book in the series, Craving Control, is also available. It should be read before the Duplicity trilogy to best appreciate the overall storyline. 

Reader discretion is advised as this story contains potentially triggering content.


Hi, I’m Bella. 

Wife. Mother. Author. Harley rider. Metal head. Voracious reader. 

I’m obsessed with podcasts and 90s movies, try my hardest to keep my indoor plants alive (I invariably fail), enjoy walking in the bush with my husband and dogs, and fluently communicate via memes with my son and daughter. 

In all likelihood, I’m drinking Pepsi, snacking on red licorice, and reading a dark and dirty romance novel when I should be writing… but I’m still beyond excited that you’ve found your way to my website. It is, after all, the best place to find information about my books and to keep up to date with my news. 

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all things Bella Faust Romance… 


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5 Star Review for Craving Control
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This is my first read by Bella and I am completely floored. This isn’t a dark romance, this is an up front seat inside the mind of a true psychopath while he stops at nothing to possess his obsession in every single way he wishes. “The thing I called my monster was just me fighting my true self” Alex is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing hellbent on getting his revenge on the young man that ruined his future playing basketball. That’s when his sights fall on Lilianna Mayberry and he won’t stop until she is his every way. Bella blew my mind with this story. It’s unnerving and haunting the way she paints the sadistic and psychotic nature that sums Alex up. His inner thoughts being the Hyde side to his outer showing of Dr. Jekyll. My heart broke for Lilianna as her naivety mixed with her somewhat sheltered upbringing didn’t prepare her for the monster she had to battle. I do have to say, Bella has sank her claws in though because I am dying to dive into Tempting Fate to see how this all comes to play. It’s the perfect combo of American Psycho, Sleeping with the Enemy and a dash of Sons of Anarchy - and I am here for it all.
5 Star Review for Craving Control
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Extra kudos to Bella for her bravery and bringing her dark thoughts to life to build a foundation for what I know is going to be an amazing series and gifting those who don’t want just your normal dark romance, but beyond that. I can already tell she will be on my favorite author list!.
5 Star Review for Craving Control
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This is the 1st book in the Black Shamrock MC: Australia series. Alex is truly an evil, sadistic human being. My heart went out to Lily. She was no match for this twisted, psychotic person. This plot is very dark and, definitely, not romantic. I’m anxious to see what the next book holds.
five star review for Tempting fate
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It starts from book one and ends perfectly. It explains more in detail what happens after what Alex did to Lily and how that all ties in with book two and all the lies and crappy behavior from Lily's dad Brutus (he's the President of Black Shamrock MC). This part also goes into detail about all the hard things Lily has to go through even after book one. Lily shows how strong she is and all the crap her and Venom's relationship goes through and all the hard times they face, Lily's dad's hatred of them together. Lily also finds out some facts about her bestie Slash and how she deals with them the best she can. It is a really good book. Look up triggers before reading. But I have to say if you love dark reads & MC romances & all that MC bad boy action, this book series is just for you.
five star review for Tempting fate
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Lily and Zeke!!! I was so upset when the book ended and can't wait for the next one to come out. It has so many twists, and you know Zeke is trying to help out Lily, but it seems like their love is tested at every chance. I want them to be endgame, but I'm so concerned with how this book left off…
five star review for Tempting fate
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This is the book in this incredible story. This book is full of emotions and a wild ride. There are plenty of ups and downs as well as twists and turns. You will be drawn into this story from the very beginning and not want to put it down until the last page. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this author.
five star review for Making Choices
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This is technically the third book in this series as there is a Prequel before the Trilogy. I absolutely love Slash and Lily's story even though it took me on an emotional rollercoaster - there was laughter, happiness, sadness, tears, frustration, anger, screaming and a couple of times I wanted to throw the book down. This book sucks you in, just like the 2 before it and will keep you captivated all the way through. Please make sure you read the trigger warning before starting this series.
five star review for Making Choices
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Venom, Cherub and Slash! This series is unreal, how she writes these stories is beyond me. The storyline and characters are so complex. The agony they have all suffered is unreal, the backstabbing so cold and calculating. I can’t wait for the rest of this story!
five star review for Making Choices
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I have to say book three is my favorite. I LOVE this series. YES parts of this book make me so mad. The issues for Lily ("Anna") never seem to be over with, she had to deal with Alex's cruelty again and that changed her. She has to deal with her issues with Zeke & not being around him. This book has to do with Lily and Slash and how her feelings for him grow and his aren't hidden anymore. Lily hasn't had it easy and her men (Slash & Venom) haven't either, there's a lot of drama with issues in the MC still and dealing with Alex & his family (ties to the mob) like we found out in book one & two). A LOT of new stuff will be revealed in this book too. I was so surprised with some of the events, Story ends on a cliffhanger, one that will have you clinging to the edge of your seats. It's definitely a series you'll want to read again & again.
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