The Faust 411 reader bulletin

Since we’re all busy and our inboxes are flooded, I offer two levels of Faust 411 subscription.

LEVEL ONE: Nothin’ but the basics

Choosing this option means you will only receive an email when I have:

  • new pre-orders
  • new releases
  • sale news

LEVEL TWO: The whole shebang

By selecting this option, you’ll receive everything the weekly Faust 411 reader update every Friday which contains all of my books news as well as:

  • episodes of my Faust 411 exclusive serial 
  • new All-seeing Skye clues
  • book recommendations from my fav authors
  • early access to my Pinterest inspo boards

In addition to these regular goodies, I’ll also send you: 

  • three bonus scenes a month during the month following every new release 
  • occasional flash fiction from my villainous romance catalogue (exclusive to my subscription community on Ream, the Faust Faction)
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